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conference Minutes

 "Certification of tractor equipment in view of the entry into force on 15 February 2013 technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU TR 010/2011)

"On the safety of machinery and equipment", approved by the Decision of the Customs Union Commission dated 18.10.2011, № 823 "

Date: 4-5 April 2013

Venue: Training center "DLC Vehicle", Ekaterinburg, st. Krupnosortschikov, 14, of. 314

Conference participants:

Shahalevich Gennady Anatolievich - Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Mashyanov Andrey V. - Deputy Head of the Group UTSEPS AT companies, the head of the certification body of road construction and tractors and mechanization "DLC Vehicle";

Buryanov Pavel Dmitrievich - Deputy Head of the certification bodys special and specialized vehicles and services in road transport "Samten Foundation", the head of the testing laboratory, the candidate of technical sciences;

Worms Alexander Y. - Head of the Service for the technical condition of self-propelled vehicles and other types of surveillance Sverdlovsk art;

Kryukov, Alexander G. - senior state inspector of department of technical supervision of traffic police department of Yekaterinburg, police Lieutenant Colonel;

Olenberg Ivan Filippovich - Head Gostekhnadzor Tyumen region;

Kachanov Mikhail Alexandrovich - chief state engineer-inspector, chief inspector Gostekhnadzor Kurgan region;

Chuprunov Victor Vasilievich - Head of the Service - the chief state engineer inspector Gostekhnadzor-Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk District;

Pometun Yuri Petrovich - Head of Gostekhnadzor Chelyabinsk region;

Arapov Aleksandr Anatolyevich - Head of Service Gostekhnadzor YaNAO.

Ramil Kasimov Ravilyevich - Deputy Head of Inspection, Head Gostekhnadzor Perm region.

Tyrtsev Andrey Anatolyevich - Head of Inspection Gostekhnadzor Shadrinsk.

Eugene G. Gromov - Deputy Head of the certification body of road construction and tractors and mechanization "DLC Vehicle".

Saykin Mikhail Viktorovich - Head of the testing laboratory engineering products "IL DLC Vehicle", an expert in product certification selskohozyaytvennogo engineering, teacher training center NMC URAPAB-INFO "on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

Titov Alexey Mikhailovich - Head of Technical Services CC UTSEPS AT, expert on certification of hoisting machinery and materials handling equipment

Radik Zaripov Fnunovich - director of "Nefteyugansk Support Center Certification".

Korolev Anatoliy Viktorovich - the representative of the "AT UTSEPS" companies


The experts of certification bodies and testing laboratories experts in the field of mechanical engineering;

Leaders and representatives of industrial enterprises of the Urals Federal District.

The main issues addressed at the conference:

- The interaction Gostekhnadzor bodies with certification bodies and testing laboratories carrying out conformity confirmation in the framework of the Technical Regulation.

- The need to confirm the compliance of self-propelled vehicles and trailers to be registered in Gostekhnadzor bodies, including, after making changes to their design, to ensure the safe operation on the roads of the Russian Federation;

- Problems of state technical inspection of self-propelled machines and trailers.

- Technical Regulation in the Customs Union and single economic space. Changes in the procedure of conformity assessment of engineering products with mandatory requirements established by the regulatory legal acts following the entry into force of the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of machinery and equipment."

- The need for the certification of enterprises carrying out work on the maintenance and repair of self-propelled machines and trailers thereto.

- Organization of carriage of dangerous goods vehicles and trailers to be registered in Gostekhnadzor bodies.

- The procedure for the confirmation of conformity of machines and trailers in service after the changes in their structure.

- Forms of conformity assessment of products of agricultural, construction and road machinery under the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of machinery and equipment" and the Unified list of products subject to mandatory assessment (confirmation) within the Customs Union with issuance of uniform documents; form of the certificate of conformity and declaration of conformity.

The results of the conference and the decision of the participants:

1. The requirement for execution of normative legal acts brought to the conference participants, the document itself and its norms.

2. The conference participants came to the conclusion that the requirements of interstate decisions obliges the executive authorities in the performance of legal acts.

3. The participants agreed on the need for certification and declaration.

4. Depending on the current legislation and the expression of the will of the owner of the result should end the issuance of a specific document, which must be: a certificate, declaration of conformity, or expert opinion.

5. considered in detail the rights and obligations of owners of vehicles, in the case of changes in the design of a self-propelled machine or a trailer.

6. The question of administrative liability for failure to comply with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of machinery and equipment" with the assistance of the traffic police.

7. The meeting concluded that there are no general requirements for the development of technical specifications in the manufacture of equipment in a single order, or standard. In particular, the questions about the lack of places for fixing number plates on vehicles imported to the Russian Federation or collected as a result of individual creativity.

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