UCEPS AT|Testing and Certification|Inspection and insurance|Tahografe and GLONASS|The LIC plate and sprts designed|Examination, ATP, ADR

Again dear Miron Isaakovich Griff and his team flashed excellent organizational skills. This time in the framework of the exhibition "Construction equipment and technologies-2016" (2016 STT), which took place in Moscow in "CROCUS EXPO", jointly with the Association of automotive engineers, June 1, 2016 was held the seminar "Certification of machinery and equipment, agricultural and forestry tractors and trailers". Representatives of the Group of companies UCEPS at was honoured to attend this remarkable event.

The number of participants exceeded all expectations. About a hundred representatives of manufacturers of agricultural machinery and wheeled vehicles, certification bodies and testing laboratories with their presence and highlighted the relevance of issues of the seminar. Application and TR CU 010/2011 TR CU 031/2013, the draft amendments to these regulations, the design of e-TCP, PSD, PSM, the application of the system ERA-GLONASS – these and other topics were presented for discussion.

With a welcoming speech of Alexey Efimov - the Deputy chief of Department of state supervision Department of the state control and supervision of Rosstandart. The office's activities focused on control and supervision in the field of "10-th and 31-th" regulations. Alexei Semenov informed the participants that until the end of 2016 planned about a hundred inspections of manufacturers according to TR CU.

Presentations at the conference were made by the representatives of SSC RF FSUE "NAMI", LTD "E-passport" Association of Russian automakers, the Department of plant, mechanization, chemicalization and plant protection Ministry of agriculture and a number of other speakers.

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