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OOO "Ural Center management expertise and conformity assessment in road transport" (LLC "Directorate UTSEPS AT"), a member of the group UTSEPS AT companies is an accredited body for certification of products and services in the system of certification of DC AT RF Ministry of Transport. In accordance with the scope of accreditation, the organization is working on the certification of services on motor transport. Despite the fact that this certification is voluntary, the service is very popular among companies of the automotive business. And that's why.

Firstly, certificate holders confidently position themselves in the market, claiming a high degree of responsibility for the work carried out by them.

Second, companies that own a valid certificate of conformity for works of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, have certain advantages when participating in various competitions and tenders in the contract system in the procurement of services.

And, thirdly, although the certificate for services and voluntary, it is necessary to have businesses that implement changes to vehicle design. As a rule, a certified enterprise data conducted more efficiently and Foreperson declares in the request-declaration. Therefore, accredited testing laboratories in its conclusions preliminary technical examination of the vehicle when making changes to its design referred to the need for work is certified in the organization.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous participants across the services market, which are determined to save their money, has been working on changes to the structure of the vehicle, give its seal of certified fake certificates of conformity to carry out these works. Counterfeiting is to change the date of the certificate with the help of Photoshop.

Since July 14, 2016 a test laboratory production engineering "Center of finishing and homologation of vehicles" asked the customer with an application for vehicle technical examination protocol after making changes to its structure, providing application-declaration and a copy of the certificate of conformity number DSAT RU. OC.066.TO1596. The certificate holder SP Pyatin Alexey, Ekaterinburg.

When checking the submitted documents it was revealed that the certificate has traces of forgery in terms of changes in details of the artist and certificate expires. Further testing showed that the number of forms of strict accountability, which is made on the certificate does not match with the register of documents issued by the certification body. According to the customer, this document has been obtained by him from SP Pyatin Alexey after the services for vehicle conversion.

As a result, there is a falsification of documents, including registration with the traffic police actions and misleading the customer.

It is clear, in what could develop into the offense, if not detected on fake documentation phase in the test laboratory.

On this fact by the certification body of LLC "Management UTSEPS AT" sent a letter to the head of the Office of Traffic Police Directorate of the MOI of Russia for the Sverdlovsk Region with a request to conduct an audit to identify the illegal registration of changes in vehicle design. The same recommendations for identifying forgery of certificates of conformity.