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Our Certification Body is accredited in two independent systems of accreditation GOST R and DS at that allows carrying out certification of services, flexibly adapting to new economic and political realities.

This time we will cover the topic of automation of business processes in the direction of the certification and repair of telephone stations, selectively on both the problems and possibilities of the software. For several months we have developed and implemented a new accounting system and processing of information in the certification Body. The main objectives of the system are: ease of use, elimination of the human factor, mobility.

The uniqueness of this software in our opinion is that we were able to combine fundamentally different lists of normative documents in one system and constructed a static archive of the dynamic data. Thus, the functional scheme of the application has been expandable from a first handling a potential client, before issuing of the certificate and subsequent work.

Specific functions of the product, we want to emphasize full transparency at any level and the data slice. The system is designed for a narrow circle of specialists under their constant supervision, timely advice and experience allowed us to quickly achieve such a great product. Well, as always, not without "buns" - this automatically send correspondence and invoicing, and notification of upcoming planned work, and maintaining financial statements. As for the archiving and management of documents, we decided to create a marker scheme change information (for example, a customer in a year's legal address changed and it is necessary that the archive part of "primary" contained old data and part new). Most of the production we put on resources of the computer, thereby reducing the time in making the documentary part and ruled out the human factor.

Of course, in such a compressed format, all the functions and capabilities of a software product certification and R AMTS we can not illuminate , but one thing I can say with pride: We are even faster!

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